Sketchdump Friday: Tangled Pines character designs

This week I've been making efforts to kickstart progress on Tangled Pines again after a long hiatus. One of the things that has come out of that is a new character design reference sheet for Ziggy's Grade 5 classmates. Filling a room with twenty kids was a fun exercise, and I'm pretty happy with the variety I managed to work in.

Going forward, I think I'll continue to share small weekly progress sketches, concept art, and early stage work like this. There is a lot of this stuff going into the comic, after all.


A first look at Tangled Pines

I've been speaking about and working on the Aspire Project for quite some time now, and every so often I hear from folks who are eager to know how it's all going. Quite a lot has been happening behind the scenes, and things have progressed to the point where I can begin sharing more about our new story, Tangled Pines.

My process for illustration and design commissions

Creativity is always going to be a little mysterious, even to artists like myself. Every project and every client is different, but a basic understanding of the steps involved in developing a project does a lot to reduce the uncertainty inherent to the process. From early discussions to the final outcome, this is the approach I take to focus my efforts on solving the right problems, and giving the people I work with the very best results I'm capable of.